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Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Official,Virus Hunter Island Is Here!

What we all speculated about this Poptropica Island was the truth and we all know it before the creators announced!The next Poptropica Island(Virus Hunter)was announced by Captain Crawfish on 15 May 2013.This island might look fun to play,but its a bit disgusting as you need to go inside a Poptropican's body and destroy the virus that's attacking him.This is what Captain Crawfish said...

We're thrilled to announce the next great adventure coming to Poptropica.

Virus Hunter Island!

Somewhere in Poptropica, an unknown citizen harbors within his bloodstream a dangerous new virus. Your mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the disease before it spreads. Prepare for a perilous journey to the most far-out place of all -- inside the human body!

It's the biggest and best (or maybe smallest and spiffiest?) Poptropica Island ever! To learn more, visit the Virus Hunter Island info page.

We all know that patient zero is most probably Joe.You don't know who is Joe?Then click here: http://poptropica-beefy-ring.blogspot.sg/2013/05/news-flashcould-virus-hunter-be-next.html this post will tell you everything about Virus Hunter Island.

And,Captain Crawfish mentions that it is the biggest and best,smallest or spiffiest Poptropica Island ever.By seeing this quotation,you will immediately know that we are being shrunk to microscopic size.So,what are your thoughts about this island?Please comment below now!

Stay tuned for more...Virus Hunting!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monster Carnival Might Come Back?

Is Monster Carnival Island going to come back soon?Perhaps it might come to Poptropica again?

Okay,to give you a brief summary of Monster Carnival Island,it is island that was mysteriously replaced by 24 Carrot Island!Last time,if you were playing Poptropica since 2008 like me,you would have noticed that Time Tangled Island used to be named as Time Twisted Island and beside that island was Monster Carnival Island!Here is a photo of it!

Amazed?Hope you are!

And again,Brave Tomato,an author of The PHB,gives a short story or should I say,a meaningful summary based on this:

It’s the carnival. Of monsters. Monster Carnival. Yup. A ringmaster to lead them all in a circus. It would’ve been dazzling! It would’ve been wonderous! It would’ve been all this…

… if it wasn’t taken off the map.

Monster Carnival had always been one of the greatest mysteries in Poptropica. It was an island that was put on the map back when Time Tangled (back then called Time Twisted) Island had a coming soon sign. I heard old tales of this mysterious island, although I never was a witness to the events. One day, Monster Carnival mysteriously vanished from the map, replaced by 24 Carrot Island.

However, Captain Crawfish made a curious post today about some old notes he found in his notebook:

Digging through my desk today, I found an old notebook. Inside I saw some long-forgotten ideas for a Poptropica Island.
This is probably from late 2007 or 2008, right after Poptropica got started. As we developed it a little more, the “Haunted Amusement Park” took on a slightly different form (and name), but it didn’t end up becoming a real Island.
You never know, I guess.
avatar image

The Creators seem to be recognizing that us Poptropica fans are curious about this never-released island, and now we know that the original title of this island, before Monster Carnival, was Haunted Amusement Park.
Also, there’s some interesting notes on here- the column on the left talks about some of the things that would’ve been in the island (both circus and amusement park related), and the right side seems to talk about other things, information.
“Ringmaster has cursed/enslaved zombie carnival workers.”
Is that a good or bad thing? To me, that doesn’t sound very good. 
“Scare him into a cage? Make him eat cotton candy?”
“Horror-themed park infiltrated by real zombies.”
Wait… so Monster Carnival might have not started out as real monster-infiltrated?
“The ringmaster has lost prized possession and is withdrawn, moody. Prized possession is bullhorn.”
Wow. This is some pretty good information that the Creators slipped to us. And Captain Crawfish’s last words sound a little strange to me:
You never know, I guess.
That sounds… like… could it be? Could the Creators be taking a closer look at this? Could they have realized our true curiosity of Monster Carnival? Could, if even possible, it be that they might be planning to go back to it?
We’ll never know- until we know for sure.

This is the sneak peek of the Monster Carnival Island found in The Daily Pop,showing a ring master in the Monster Carnival Island.
We are surely giving special thanks to Brave Tomato and The PHB for this article!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oops!Forgot About Mother's Day!

Sorry for this very late announcement Poptropicans!This post was already available for publishing on the exact day of Mother's Day,but it was our fault for not publishing this post as we forgot about it.So anyway,I would like to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY,for all mothers around the world!

Also,Captain Crawfish also posted a post about the tribute to the moms,featuring mothers form Poptropica islands such as,Vampire's Curse,Shrink Ray,Shark Tooth and Astro Knights!Here is the post form Captain Crawfish!

Mother's Day is this weekend, and we'd like to take the opportunity to give thanks to one of the hardest-working Poptropica characters around: the beleaguered mom.

On Astro-Knights Island, the queen has no idea that her daughter has run off into outer space with a crazed inventor.
On Shark Tooth Island, this poor mom is separated from her son by the fearsome Booga Shark.
On Shrink Ray Island, C.J.'s mom couldn't possibly imagine that her brilliant daughter is the size of a tiny insect.
On Vampire's Curse Island, Katya's mom always knew that Christopher was no good. But did Katya listen? Of course not.
Of course, some moms have it a little easier. On Wimpy Wonderland, Greg Heffley's mom returns home after the adventure is over, and is none the wiser. Thank goodness for that.

Here's to all the moms in Poptropica, and all the mothers everywhere!

Awww!Thanks Captain Crawfish and I hope you had joyful Mother's Day too!

To all mothers once again,Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

So Many Logos For One Island?

By now you must really know the Back Lot Island's icon!

You might think that it is easy to create and island's icon in Poptropica!To create Back Lot Island's icon,you might think that only take maximum at least a day to design,to do photo editing and so on.But,did you know that there are other logos of Back Lot Island that the Poptropica Creators must take quality time to choose which icon is the best?Here, Captain Crawfish comments about this!

It took a few tries for us to get to the finished product. With every Island, we try out a lot of different approaches for the logo before deciding on the one we like best. Here's a look at some of the initial treatments for Back Lot Island:

We liked them all, and ultimately settled on a combination of the first few.

What do you think? Did we make the right choice, or do you like some of the other ones better?

~Captain Crawfish 

I prefer icon number 7 to the original icon of Back Lot Island.How about you?

What A Little Evil Genius Dr. Hare Is!

Dr.Hare and the other creators have promised that if we have 6000 supporters for the Poptropica's first project of Lego CUUSOO of Dr. Hare's evil lair,we'd get a nice wallpaper!Yeah!So we have voted and we shall receive, the wallpaper!Want this wallpaper for your electronic devices?Here you go!

Click at which size of the wallpaper you want to download for your device.


So we're just about 4000 supporters away from Poptropica's goal;10,000 votes!So if you're 13 years old ad above,please vote for this project!Thank you!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

News Flash,Is The Story Of Virus Hunter Solved?

We think that we could solve the whole story of the upcoming Virus Hunter Island.Well if you don't know about this island,Virus Hunter Island isn't revealed to public yet whether it is going to be released to members soon or not yet!The information about this island isn't even published in the Poptropica Creator's Blog yet!We know that this island might come as a Poptropica's artist revealed some information about this peculiar island in his blog.

 But,if you could see,what you will be seeing in the sneak peeks of Poptropica at The Daily Pop will make you throw up and feel disgusted!But,did you forget about one sneak peek?You don't know what is it?I will show and not tell it to you.

Okay,lets cut the chase and come to the point!Here is the sneak that is a very big clue to the Virus Hunter Island!

Here is the sneak peek that you were dying for!


Alright,I know that the picture is quite small.Why don't you just click it to enlarge it?

Now,let me tell you the predictions for this sneak peek!You could see that the things in this rubbish are clues and hints to the story of the upcoming Virus Hunter Island!

Here are the predictions!

§  There is a Poptropican man named Joe Stockman
§  Joe lives in Virus Hunter Island (the cards say so)
§  He won a trip abroad (travel rating card) and (“You Won!” envelope)
§  On his trip abroad, he acquired a foreign disease
§  It is our job to cure that disease(I think we will be shrunk and be sent into his body.)
§  The common room could be Bob’s Place Barbeque (coupon)
§  Lastly, maybe the disease isn’t a real disease… what if it’s… nanobots or some sort micro robots?

For the last prediction,we have evidences to show you that the disease Joe has acquired wasn't real and it could be an attack from a swarm of micro/nano bots!To show you the evidences here are the pictures:




Secondly,we all know that Joe Stockman's house looks like this:


Notice the caption, “A Spartan existence for an average Joe.” nice word play creators,but you can't fool us for now!

Lastly,Nasan Hardcastle drew and posted Poptropican characters for Virus Hunter Island.Notice that the header of the picture is named Virus Hunter.

Look!Isn't Joe in the picture too?

And one more thing!There is a Video Store Clerk in the picture right?So we can connect this sneak peek picture of a video store in Virus Hunter Island to this picture that Nasan Hardcastle drew!

Here it is!


Woah,these evidences tell me that Virus Hunter Island is indeed going to arrive soon in Poptropica!For now,lets be patient ask our staff member Brave Claw to investigate more about this island.Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

10,000 Views And Counting!(Earn Free Poptropica Accounts Through This Event!)

This is Beefy Ring here Poptropicans!Sorry for the late interruption and notice,our blog has finally reached 10,000 views!So far,there is a total page views of 10,070 views!In just three days,my blog's page views went up by 200 views,which is quite a huge amount for us!Since we have 10,000 views,lets celebrate the day by running up a cool contest,in which you can earn free,rare and exclusive Poptropica accounts!For more information,stay tuned!

This competition is a huge event in this blog that is going to take place.We will announce the finalists for APRCC which Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest and give you more mysteries of Poptropica!So stay tuned!

Please, oh please note all of this for this amazing event!

  1. This event lasts for a month
  2. 10-15 accounts will be given away for free in an upcoming contest,in two weeks time!
  3. Before that,the finalists for the Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest will be revealed!
  4. The first ever Lucky Pop Draw(Lucky Draw) and the Scavenger Hunt competitions will be started and conducted!
  5. More instructions and steps to follow will soon be revealed here!
  6. When entering your contest,please add your Poptropican's picture's link at the comment box!(More steps and guides will be shown to you soon by our two staff members,Grumpy Fish and Slippery Crush!)