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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Island About Human Body?

If you notice we would see that there are at least about 14 pictures showing the internal view of a Poptropican's body in the Poptropica Sneak Peeks.They would show the digestive system,some sort of viruses attacking the body and much more.I was suspecting that this island about the human body would come as Shark Boy was saying in one of the sneak peaks:"This island will get into the fiber of your being".He was relating this comment to picture no. 10 below.

Some pictures really look quite gross!But never mind about it!Its the Poptropican's body anyway.

This is what we think about the story of the island could be:

  1. A Poptropican's body is in terrible condition and we,the heroes of the day will turn into microscopic size and save the body from viruses and other stuff.
  2. The story is about a Biology research about a Poptropican's body,that is going to be done by scientists.The scientists might most probably want us to discover and explore the internal body by turning us into microscopic size and send us into the body.
Well there you have!If you could think of even more creative stories linked to what the story of this island could be, please(I really mean it);please comment as we really like to here from you all!