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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poptropica Tribes: Leader Board Update

The leader board has been fully updated at 21.05 at 28/04/13 after the release of the top 10 finishers of Back Lot Island list 2.Here take a look at the scores below:                                                                        

Well,the Poptropicans in Black Flags are quite good,as they have been topping the top 10 finishers of an island list for Back Lot Island for two times in a row!Black Flags,I think you will be the first tribe to win the PT Cup for the month of April!(Poptropica Tribes Cup)

To know more,go to:


Poptropica Aviation

The Daily POP in Poptropica posted this picture,about a fortnight ago and it has got us excited about what might be coming up.  Sure, this could be a teaser image for characters who are in the upcoming (and rumored to be named) Virus Hunter Island.  Maybe you have to be in the Poptropica Air Force before you can be shrunk down and injected into a virus-infected human(well,it's Poptropican). However…we suspect that this is the first hint for an even newer island,which is the island coming after the so call "Virus Hunter Island".So, let’s break down what we’re looking at to see what it could be.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal.  Four different characters, two wearing variations on Air Force outfits.  But let’s look more closely.  The one on the far left looks like a vintage WWII(World War 2) era pilot’s outfit.  Based on the toy plane she’s carrying, she might even be a WWI era bi-plane pilot.  Then there’s the girl to her right in the blue version, holding a more modern jet, possibly from the ’50s or ’60s.  At the upper right is the most modern jet fighter outfit, complete with oxygen mask and helmet.  Finally, there’s the outfit at the bottom right, which is clearly a futuristic version of the other three.  A jet fighter pilot from the future?  How cool is that?

So, what could possibly be the theme of an island with these four costumes?  Whatever it is, at some point it looks like we’re going to get to don futuristic space-fighter outfits.  Awesome man!

We really hope that this sneak peek picture will be for an island after Virus Hunter Island!

Let me know in the comments below what you HOPE these outfits mean.

Congratulations To Top 10 Non-Members For Finishing Back Lot Island...

Lights,Camera,Action!That was the cue forvBack Lot Island to be released to the whole of Poptropica on 25 April 2013 at 2 pm EST!Once action was announced,these top 10 non-member Poptropican quickly finished their movie in a jiffy!What a movie magic!

So anyway,Binary Bard as released the top 10 Poptropicans list for an island as always,which is for of course,non-members yesterday!Which means that we can know which Poptropicans,under a particular tribe,have scored points for their tribes in the Poptropica Tribes Contest held every month!April is ending soon,so lets be anxious about which tribe is going to win this competition for this month!Be sure to check the leader board okay?Thanks!

So here are the top 10 non-members for Back Lot Island!

It seems like Wildfire tribe has soared a bit this time!But they're no match for the Black Flags!Oh  man!Oh!What's this?A Poptropican with no tribe?That means, no points!

Ok, Black Flags have scored 5 points,Wildfire has scored 7 points!This is because two Poptropicans who have scored 3 and 4 points.....

Okay,in overall for this round,Black Flags has scored 5 points,Wildfire has scored 7 points and Pathfinders has scored only 1 point!

Be sure to check the leader board to see who's in the lead!