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Friday, May 10, 2013

So Many Logos For One Island?

By now you must really know the Back Lot Island's icon!

You might think that it is easy to create and island's icon in Poptropica!To create Back Lot Island's icon,you might think that only take maximum at least a day to design,to do photo editing and so on.But,did you know that there are other logos of Back Lot Island that the Poptropica Creators must take quality time to choose which icon is the best?Here, Captain Crawfish comments about this!

It took a few tries for us to get to the finished product. With every Island, we try out a lot of different approaches for the logo before deciding on the one we like best. Here's a look at some of the initial treatments for Back Lot Island:

We liked them all, and ultimately settled on a combination of the first few.

What do you think? Did we make the right choice, or do you like some of the other ones better?

~Captain Crawfish 

I prefer icon number 7 to the original icon of Back Lot Island.How about you?

What A Little Evil Genius Dr. Hare Is!

Dr.Hare and the other creators have promised that if we have 6000 supporters for the Poptropica's first project of Lego CUUSOO of Dr. Hare's evil lair,we'd get a nice wallpaper!Yeah!So we have voted and we shall receive, the wallpaper!Want this wallpaper for your electronic devices?Here you go!

Click at which size of the wallpaper you want to download for your device.


So we're just about 4000 supporters away from Poptropica's goal;10,000 votes!So if you're 13 years old ad above,please vote for this project!Thank you!