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Friday, April 5, 2013

Back Lot Island Is Now Available To Members !!!

Back Lot Island was released to Poptropica members on 4/4/13!So,all the best in solving the island Poptropica members!Try to emerge in the top 10 list for the top 10 finishers of Back Lot Island at Poptropica Creators Blog!


But don't worry non-members!Your time to shine and be a superstar will be on 25 April 2013 at 2 pm EST,to be exact!

Also,Poptropica has a new log in page for Back Lot Island!Here it is:

Back Lot login

"Action!" that's the cue to start logging in to Poptropica and start playing Back Lot Island!

This is the trailer for Back Lot Island.Enjoy!

Top 5 Poptropicans For Rare Costume Contest

Oh yeah!We received more than 50 entries for the Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest!However,only 20 will get selected to round 1 of this contest.We took quite a long time to figure out which Poptropican has the best and good looking costume/outfit.When selecting the Poptropicans,we looked at how the Poptropican showed his/her innovation,how he presented his/her costume and how rare and creative his/her costume is in Poptropica!So,here are the best of 5 selected on the spot for the costume contest!(*Cheering and happy music please!)

So,here are the best of 5!

Congratulations to these Poptropicans!Thank you for entering the contest with your best Poptropican!Thank you so much for joining!We wish you the best for round 2!

Attention!Poptropicans,please do remember that we have only selected 5 Poptropicans so far and we still have 15 more to go!So will you be the next Poptropican featured in this website?Who knows!If you want to take part in this contest and win,please follow these steps.

Firstly,read this post: 

The Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest!

This post was published on 30 March 2013.You might want to take a look at the blog archive at the side of the website (Sidebar).Remember to follow all the instructions in this post!

Secondly,send in your entry to: poptropica1235@gmail.com

Thirdly,wait for your entry to be moderated!

Okay.Now we have finished with the rules.But,also remember this!The dateline for submitting your Poptropican in his/her wonderful costume is on 6 April 2013!