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Poptropica Tribes

13/04/2013 11:08

Hi Poptropicans!Beefy Ring live at The Poptropica Blog With Beefy Ring here!I will now cut the red ribbon to open the new Poptropica Tribes Page soon in a few minutes!This Page is about the leaderboard of all the eight tribes of Poptropica!If you had seen my post a few days ago about the Top Ten Finishers Of Back Lot Island,you would have noticed that there is going to be a competition between the eight tribes.I have no time to explain all of the information about the competition,but if you would like to know more about it, go to: now to learn more!

Now in T minus 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3..2.........1........*Snip!*The ribbon is cut and the Poptropica Tribes is now open to everyone at 11.14 at 13/04/2013!The Poptropica Tribes page is about the tribes competing for the leaderboard.This competition inlcudes points from the Top Ten Finishers of an island (Eg: Back Lot Island) and all the other competitions held in this blog.First prize is 5 points,second is 4,third is 3,fourth is 2 and fifth is 1 point only.So Poptorpicans,take part in competitions in this blog such as costume contests and other competitions!Also try to finish your islands faster so that you will be featured in the Poptropica Creators Blog!


Here is the first leaderboard!Yay!

Click the image to get a clearer and better view.So,Black Flags are in the lead because  For the Top Ten Finishers For Back Lot Island,two Poptropicans came in first and second\ causing them to earn their Tribe 9 points which is a huge lead indeed!Seraphim came in third,Pathfinders came in fourth,and Nanobots came in fifth!

So,Poptropicans try your best to earn your tribes some points by taking part in competitions in this blog now!Speaking of competitions,the top 10 Poptropicans list for the Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest(APRCC) will be here today!So stay tuned Poptropicans!

28/04/13 21.33

Okay,here is the second leader board for the Poptropica Tribes!Here you go!

It seems like Black Flags is in a huge lead in deed!We think that this tribe will win the PT Cup for the month of April!PT Cup refers to Poptropica Cup!


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