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Monday, June 15, 2015

Modifiers...And...Grand Re-opening?

This blog has finally come to its last stage of maintenance ever since the maintenance of this site had started about two years ago.Well you might be thinking 2 years just for a blog maintenance?Well the problem is man power.Yep, I alone work on this blog currently, updating it together with my YouTube Channel as well handling my school work and my music classes which makes it really hard for me to blog these days compared to the past, 3-4 years ago.So you might again be asking this in your mind how did I got time to post this. Well, its the school holidays here and despite  camps, a lot of home work and projects, I finally managed to blog today.Hurray!

So do expect blog posts here and then.I know I must have lost quite a number of audience(you guys!) due to a lack of time as well as a low feed in the long run and I really regret that. Beefy Ring is indeed back playing and recording footage of game plays! Posts about Poptropica will be kept minimum as you can see, people age.I will add any one who is willing to help me with posting Poptropica-related posts in this blog itself and that help would be appreciated sincerely!

So yes guys I am back and I will do my very best to replicate the time where this blog had regular posts!

Oh by the way, did I forget to say that new pages are coming up?

Yours sincerely,

Beefy Ring.